Wednesday, June 30, 2010

39/40 German

Finished the regiment last night with the exception of a couple of machine gun platoons, and here are a few examples...

Anti-tank rifle platoon from the HQ unit and mortar from 2nd battalion.

One of the mixed stands. The Matchbox figures had a few extra bits attached to them which look alright, however they don't have the same animation as the modern Pegasus ones, though not bad for thirty odd years all the same.

I used the figures in this arrangement of platoons to form a company that could represent police, boarder guards or reserve units of some kind, but normally they will be 3rd company of the 3rd battalion.

Regimental and battalion command sections. A huge thanks to Paul Foster for the extra figures needed to make up this unit. I now have to get onto doing some light tanks and flak crews etc, if we want to get the Calais scenario completed before Paul goes away for his tour of duty.


  1. Hi Al

    great painting and unfortunately for me- many of the officer figures i paint up end up being cut in half and used in turrets etc

    i am in Christchurch at the end of July- is there a good model shop down there?

  2. Such a nice collection!!

    Nice colouring. . . Good representation of early war Germans!

    Well done mate!


  3. Great work! I like these figures. The second and last one of the command unit are from Airfix, I suppose?

  4. Gott en Himmel, they look quite sharp there mate!
    Especially like the Command Sections, always good to show Officers with battle bowlers!

  5. Thanks lads. ChCh eh David? Dress warm! There is one shop I know of: Acorn Models, top end of Manchester St. I live a wee way from ChCh but you're welcome to stay with me if you're here for a while.

  6. Mork, not sure what brand that one is but I think you may be right, a tank accessory perhaps?