Friday, July 2, 2010

German light tank

Here are the results of the last few nights, the Pegasus Panzer 38t.

A total of 27 parts per tank, and I managed to use them all. These are extremely well engineered kits, zero flash and simple instructions.

Painted on the sprue, put together, then touched them up a wee bit with standard panzer grey.

Here is the command vehicle, with the last of my tank commander figures that I got at a swap-meet a few years ago; I think it is either Preiser or Roco?

Didn't have enough decals for proper German markings, so I just had to go with what I had.

The completed pair.

The whole company, I think the older one fits in okay too, although its paint work is not quite as good as the others. The Pegasus tanks are a really good fast-build kit that work out at NZD$12 (about 6 Euros) each. Now for another British light tank.


  1. And now, let the French waiting for them in the Maginot line!

    Great work mate!!

    Well done!


  2. Smart looking tanks but they'll never break the Maginot line...


  3. Nice finally some nice light tanks! They always build tigers and panthers but those little ones made the bulk of the panzerkorps for some years!

    Is the price for both tanks?


  4. Thanks boys, but expect to see these somewhere near Calais in the not too distant future. Belgian, the price is per model, so about 12 Euros for the pair, at least that's what we get them for downunder.

  5. Thanks, the price is the same as around here.

    8 euros for older sets such as shermans and t34/76 and 10-11 euros for the newer sets such as the hanomags.


  6. A nice pair! I love your models and paintingjob!

  7. Nice construction and painting mate. I had better get my 2 pounders ready!