Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Bren Gunner

I found enough pieces to make one figure, so far there are six parts to him but I may yet include a couple more.

The donor figure was a Matchbox ANZAC; probably one of the finest sets ever made.

Usual green-stuff to fill the odd gap, this figure will do for the first troop, and once the reinforcements arrive from abroad I'll look to finish the second.


  1. Amazing. Very welldone. And about the Matchbox Anzacs, fully agreed.

  2. !!!! Six parts so far! Mate you really should get into moulding them for white metal!

    Your Marines will be a stand out of your forces.

    Well done.

  3. He's looking great. Your works are inspiration for me :)

  4. The other half of Dr. Frankenstein!

    Just kidding!!

    This is a terrific job!
    I admire your level of patience and talent!!!

    Waiting to see it painted!!!

    Well done!!

  5. Thanks lads, appreciate the thoughts.

  6. You are getting very arty old chap ;)

    Well done, I know who to donate my spare box to!

  7. Cheers Geordie, they'd be most gratefully received:)Having trouble commenting on your site or you'd have heard more from me, some great posts lately.