Friday, July 16, 2010

The BEF 1

A couple of the only metal figures I have in my collection, BEF by SHQ. These have provided a bit of a model for my latest effort.

They have had their bases removed to better match the size of the plastic figures.

First command platoon, the NCO has an old Thompson with the forward pistol-grip.

Likewise with the second NCO figure. At first, I tried to make the Thompsons drum-fed, but this proved beyond my abilities - for now. This figure was formerly a first edition Airfix commando officer; not hard to make that one look better!
Borrowing from Paul Foster's idea all figures had gas bags added to their fronts, plus back packs and bed-rolls added to their rear.

The Airfix figures were a bit taller than the Matchbox ones so I removed their bases for a better match. The proportions of the two are happily very similar. There is still much to be done with the paint work, etc, but once I complete these two companies plus the LMG platoon I'll see if I have enough figures left to make a full battalion.


  1. Nice ideas implemented in the most efficient way! You are gifted my friend!

    Hope you'll find the appropriate figs to finish your British Battalion!


  2. Am impressed with these troops Al, the gas bags look mint, and I will be looking forward to the rest of the Bn.

  3. I like these Tommies. Very good job!

  4. If you'd told me you wanted drum mags for your tommies I could have rooted out a bit of hard styrene sprue that would have done nicely. Drum mags are the easiest things to make.

  5. No worries, glad to help.

    Regarding Drum mags, if you have one in the area try drop into your local Games Workshop and ask them for some old sprue if they have it. There's decent round sections on there that make nice mags.

  6. Thanks for the tip mate but the nearest GW is about 1500kms north of here!