Monday, July 26, 2010

Lewis Gun AALMG

I made this over the weekend, still haven't decided if it's finished or not as I may yet add a gas bag to the spotter, folded up bipod on the Lewis, and dull-down some of the general paint work a bit more.

The gunner is part Matchbox, part Emhar and part Esci, the number two is an Airfix figure from the Bofors Gun model with added kit, rifle and sling, water bottle, and forward stow ammunition pouches.

As with my earlier attempt, based on the excellent SHQ version.

As with all two-figure-stands for CD3 this one represents a platoon of between 30 and 50 men

I'm not sure how many theatres used this arrangement but it was put together with my early war collection in mind, so this is where it will probably see most use.

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