Thursday, June 24, 2010

39/40 Battalion Support

In celebration of a very mediocre exam performance, (who would have thought adolescent psychology could be so difficult!) last night I painted these.
Still some finishing work to do as always, the brick wall and ground equipment on the bases for a start - the loaders are the same pose for both weapons.

I wanted to use Matchbox mortars for the regiment but have decided to go with this Pegasus combination for the 1st battalion.

Found this while scrounging around for more mortars, it will be added to my 1944 Light Battalion, which didn't have one before now.


  1. Nicely painted!

    Especially, the last mortar set, reminds me of the toy soldiers I used to collect in my early years! What nice memories . . .

    Well done mate!

    P.S. My gf is psychologist, so no worries for your exam, at least you made it through! I still have to see her today, and tomorrow. . . and the day after. . .You get the idea!


  2. Ah, Machine guns and Mortars, what more could a man ask for.

    Nice looking set of stands, your Mortars make my Matchbox ones look a little pathetic...more the shame!

  3. Cheers boys, mortars are always problematic, always need those and mmg or weapons figures.

  4. Nice use of the matchbox lads. Nice painting