Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dave's Rangers

Progress on my friends Ranger project

All will eventually make up his one and only CD3 Ranger battalion 1943-45

All from the Italieri set

Smaller company sizes than most US formations of this era but with a reasonable complement of support weaponry

Yet to have their bases numbered but more or less complete

Weapons platoons.


  1. Al, these are super!

    Who makes the church in the backgroud? Could you possibly take a photo with the Italeri house and church alongside each other.


  2. You are slowly whittling down my resistance to starting a 1/72nd WWII project. I've never read/played CD so how do you truly rate the rules?


  3. They look great Al - been looking at these for a while, but I only wish they had more poses firing at the enemy...

  4. Cool

    The new Italeri Americans are very good

  5. Cheers lads. Greg, will get Dave to send the pictures you're after soon mate.

    Ian, I rate CD, particularly good for larger games/scenarios, so you can field all those Tigers you own but never get to play with:) 1" = 50mtrs

    Agreed Monty, a few more poses 'in operation' would have made this set a very good one