Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Talking to Dave earlier this evening, reminded me of a couple of pictures I took of his work in progress, last time I visited. These figures will form a US Ranger battalion for CD3, in game terms they have similar abilities to Royal Marines- note I said similar:)

Nicely detailed figures from Italieri

Keep you posted with any progress he makes; that's a hint for you to get busy Dave!


  1. I have them myself these figures and you're right they are well detailed! Looking forward to the progress of these figures!


  2. These look great Al, tell me mate what type of plastic are they? I think Italeri stuff is usually solid and good for painting...oh, by the way, there was an excellent docu on the Beeb tonight about the 'Cockleshell Heroes' - great stuff!

  3. Positive stuff lads, thanks. Monty, they are done in a reasonably hard plastic, the detail is crisp but not overdone, if that makes any sense. I think they'd mix really well with some of the Caesar figures from what I've seen. Thanks for the heads-up on the operation Frankton Doco, will certainly check it out if it ever appears here Down Under:)

  4. I think you nailed the Jacket colour. That's alway a hard colour to reproduce. How did you do it?

  5. Will you be using the TOE for Rangers given in CPQ #10? Or are you using your own? Thanks for the link back too! I've often visited this blog, so since I am actually doing something with mine,following yours was a no-brainer!

  6. Beccas, the colour is a mixed or adjusted Tamiya XF-60, Dave takes a lot of time getting his colours accurate

    Uncle B, the org you refer to is still the most accurate. We'd only make changes for specific scenarios, though these usually come in the form of 'attached' whatever it may be, usually mmgs or 60mm mtr

    Experienced, Morale 10
    Battalion Headquarters, with:
    1 command stand
    1 recon engineer stand
    6 Infantry Companies, each with
    1 recon infantry stand
    1 weapons stand

    for 44-45 add 1 cd inf stand to the Ranger companies