Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Here are a few pictures of a Unimodel Marder III that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks

Nicely engineered parts with a couple of brass bits to go with it

Crew figures donated by Paul

Whoever the marketing genius was that came up with the multi-link track idea should be shafted! I've never had a successful experience with these yet

About 3/4 finished. Well over a hundred parts on this kit so I'm bound to have a few spare bits and pieces left over but we'll see:)


  1. Nicely done. Agreed on the multi link tracks for 1/72 scale kits.

    Put some rubber rims on those road wheels bootneck.

  2. That looks rather more involved than the old Esci Marder kit! Rather you then me.

  3. Don't glue them together that way...glue them together while putting them on/around the wheels. Also, you can't do the whole lot in one sessions - I do them in mutliple sessions with a 3-hour gap in between to ensure the glue has cured.

  4. Patience and you'll get there Al!
    Good job so far!

  5. Shaping up nicely. I've never personally tried a model with the multi-link track, but it's always just looked like an awkward thing to have to fiddle with. But it looks like you managed very well with it.

  6. Thank you boys. On dial-up at present so shan't be updating for a few days :(

  7. Those multi link tracks are a pain. Love the comments you made about having a few parts left over. It's looking good.

  8. Brass bits area a sign of a quality kit Al, but I agree multi-part track links are fine for 1:35 scale but in 1/72 way too fiddly for this old wargamer :(

    I am putting together a resin WWII (Pz IIIE) just now and it comes with a mighty "four" parts in total that still is the equal of many a plastic kit. This and HaT Armourfast is the way forward for me methinks.

    Marder III's are nice to get on table, a bit of morale support for the Landsers