Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Antitank Rifles

This first example dates from a 1918 OOB. They were a variant of the Mauser big-game rifle. I have read somewhere that after about eight rounds the firers shoulder would break. Apparently, this became quite a sort after job because coming out of the line with a broken shoulder was about as good as a wound got on the Western Front.

This is one of a few metals ones I have, usually it serves with my small Dutch collection, a 20mm Solthorn I think.

These two are from my BEF collection, unfortunately there is nothing similar available in plastic, and both are equipped with Boys ATR.

Some Russian versions now from my Guards Infantry Regiment, metals mixed with plastics. I got most of these while working overseas, before comparable figures were made in plastic.

These figures have probably seen over fifty games.

Small conversion on the observer from my early experiments with converting to create variety.

This was the first plastic antitank rifle team that I had ever seen. It came in a small plastic bag with about a dozen other figures on the same sprue, and included an MMG and several other quite uniquely posed figures. I have never seen any since and have no idea who makes them, but I bought them in Croatia and have always assumed they were some sort of locally made product that never made it any further. Painted under lamp light whilst living in a warehouse, they have always been a special part of my collection.

Last one is from my Polish collection. I have recently heard that there are quite a few antitank rifle figures available in plastic, and will make an effort to get a few more as time progresses. One of the things I like about collecting is that there is always something to look forward to acquiring, painting and eventually gaming with.

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