Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finished Royal Marines

Finally finished a troop of RMC. The results may have been slightly improved with a better selection of donor figures to choose from, however I am reasonably happy with the results. A big thanks to Paul Foster for helping out with spare miniatures and ideas.

I wasn't able to supply the lads with all the right berets, but as Royal Marines have yet to be done in plastic this was hardly surprising.
As can be seen, a couple of figures merely got new heads, and had things such as back-packs added.

Others, however, required substantial modifications.

Had to go with sleeves down for the weapons platoon, but they still fit in okay with the rest.

I have learnt a lot by trying new things, and hope to put the experience to good use when it comes to a similar unit for use with my Korean War project.


  1. Really good work mate, good use of figures and the modelling knife. Keep up the conversions.

  2. Thanks Paul, I think the Korean troop may take some time as visuals to copy from are hard to find.