Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great War Americans

This was another hastily constructed unit, here a 6' trench mortar for my WW1 US collection. The first time we gamed Belleaux Wood (first US Marine action of WW1) we realised we needed a battery of these about an hour before start time, this was the result.

The next two are of rifle platoons, the first Emhar figures, and the second HaT, both are excellent sets.

Many of the Emhar figures have rifle slings, which is a really nice touch. I have a full, all asset, brigade of Great War Americans. This equals four battalions of infantry, plus light and heavy trench mortars, and light and medium machine gun companies, forward observer and HQ units.
This is an engineer platoon that I converted before US figures were made by anyone other than Airfix, the next shows a rifle platoon from the same set with helmets and backpacks added.

The next few are some of the various machine gun platoons from the brigade.

For a while, the unit on the left was the only support weapon stand I had for the US, which didn't make for very good gaming. The HaT and Emhars sets have really expanded this part of my collection nicely, and I will almost certainly add some of the recently released artillery to it as soon as I can.

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