Sunday, August 16, 2009

WW1 Germans

Several projects on the go at present and with nothing new to post I thought I'd show a few more pictures from my Great War collection.

Most of these figures are from the HaT late-war German set, however, all of the currently available brands are included in this part of the collection. I have enough German battalions based and painted to represent an entire division for the years 1916-1918, which amounts to about 150 stands or platoons. I intend to build an early-war division sometime later this year.

The figures shown in this post are all from the 1918 storm battalion I have, which usually works out to a 1/9 ratio, that is, one battalion in every nine, but I actually have two of these because the rules allow for an additional battalion in the division when being used on the attack between March and May 1918.

Trench warfare games are usually quite boring because of the lack of flanking movement options. Even on a table as big as the one I have it is very difficult to create genuine flanking operations, although using less troops can help with this, you then start running into inaccurate troop versus ground ratios, which is quite important when doing historical re-fights.

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