Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great War Turks

A few pictures from my Turkish collection. The first one shows the regimental command stand and a couple of engineer stands, which I usually try to add a box or pick and shovel to; this sort of item gives them a bit more of an engineer look.

Maxims. This is four out of the five stands usually available to the regiment. As in reality, such units either individually or grouped are real show-stoppers. Many an ANZAC attack has been blunted with these.

As you might have noticed these figures did not really get the paint job they deserved. Actually most of them were still wet on their first day out. We did one of the Krithia attacks, which pretty much came out as it did historically, even without Hunter-Weston present. All of the Gallipoli games we have done have been historical ones using trench maps of that era and the actual OOB, where possible.

This is one of a rifle, MMG and company command platoon. The total amount of Turks I have is about 85 stands, including engineer, artillery and some German advisor and Marine platoons. This works out to a full, historically accurate, infantry regiment. Most of the Turkish field pieces were of German manufacture, so we usually get accurate matches there also.

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