Monday, August 31, 2009

Work in Progress

Finally finished a company of South Korean infantry, the first of fourteen that will eventually make up the regiment by the time support elements are added. This is a company command platoon.

One of the rifle platoons here. I have tried to mix up the figures a bit to make the unit look a bit more rag-tag.

The Imex figures mix quite well with the others that I have to choose from. As this is an early war ROK unit the companies have no integral support weapons of their own, including bazookas, MMGs and mortars.

I added the odd backpack or slung weapon on a few for variety, otherwise they are all standard, nothing chopped off at the waist or anything drastic.

Still much to do, but reasonable progress thus far. Almost forgot, the Soviet ATR team featured in an earlier post is in fact by MARS. Paul Foster said something today that had me trawling through the PSR site until I found them, and in so doing I also saw a number of other figures that I have never seen before. PSR is a very useful resource indeed, cheers Paul.

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