Saturday, October 10, 2009

Demo Game Actual

A few pictures from the game held at the local barracks over the weekend. Eight battalions attacking over a 6000 yard front. This picture shows the storm troopers in front of the British wire. Paul from Plastic Warriors played the British (Royal West Kents) and I played the German 53rd Division.
This is about turn three or four. The storm troopers have gained the center front line, which had been subjected to a gas attack plus tanks and aircraft. Their unit had only taken light casualties and were looking good to put some pressure on the redoubt. However, all three tanks had broken down by this stage.

This shows the redoubt and its garrison, the whole position was hardly touched. Air bombardment proved ineffectual and the gas barrage did nothing either; in fact it actually blew back into the storm troopers as they were looking to enfilade the western side of the redoubt.

This shows the last of the defenders on the northern edge of the map, unfortunately the two assaulting battalions had been shattered by the time they were thus reduced.

Same story in the south, the Germans were starting to gain reasonable field position, but had suffered heavy casualties in so doing, and at one stage I had something like nine companies who would not advance due to poor morale.

The whole assault was not going well, and this was compounded by the arrival of British aircraft and the continued support of a well placed gun battery, which had provided excellent work all game. We didn't play as much as we could of, but there was a lot to see at the show from other contributors, coffee to drink and cigarettes to smoke - natter, natter. Had it played out, the Germans would have likely failed to take the redoubt or the village this part of the line was protecting. Paul defended well and with most of the German assets proving unreliable the British won the day quite convincingly.


  1. "Paul defended well " ,Well Paul was lucky with the dice thowing.It's quite easy to lie on a parapet and knock the 'Hun' for six wth your boondock! Still the bulge in the centre had me worried for a few turns.

    Nice day out all round. Cheers for the game mate, it was good to see CD3 in action.

  2. Most welcome, I had a great time, and your cadets deserved our support. That was your first round of CD3, next I'm thing Inchon!

  3. Well done for getting it all together on the day. It looked a pretty brutal affair, but that sounds about right for WWI.

    Have you taken a look at CD4? I was taken aback to find that Frank Chadwick had released another updated version back in 2006.

    CD seems to work for me in infantry battles, but I do have a problem when tanks almost touch!

  4. Thanks Geordie, I agree with your comments about tank actions in CD, but it seems to be a problem more with the scale of the pieces used rather than the rules. Haven't seen CD4 but I've heard that they have addressed particularly this concern, amongst other things.

    CD works really well for large scale WW1 stuff, but not for skirmish; an inch being 50 yards and all. If you can keep reminding yourself how abstract it all is the playability is quite good.

    Paul uses 'Blitzkrieg Commander, or something like that, and I suspect I'll be having a bash at that sooner or later. Will keep you posted.

    Really appreciate your comments and thoughts.