Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun with Chainsaws

Not really much to show at the moment. Whilst I'm working away on various projects, just started another battalion of US infantry for Korean War gaming, have still found time to get sidetracked on others as well. Here is my main storage cupboard which has been moved at the expense of one meter of bench. I'm not much of a builder and the chainsaw was, well, a bit brutal really, but it did the job. Catchy title I thought!

This is the fully assembled landing fleet for Inchon, thanks to Paul for the extras.

Here are the Heavies, nice. They fit well enough for my purposes as you can hardly see a rivet on them. These will be parked next to my Centurions in the Post-War section of the cupboard.

This is a stand of wire for Great War stuff, but me and a mate use these for all representations of wire entanglements for all eras, base plate, match sticks and fuse wire.

Lastly, a nice little scenic addition that I picked up from the model show last weekend NZ$5, sweet, pity there wasn't more to choose from.

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