Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inchon, The Landings

Selected pictures from the first stage of the game, up until turn thirteen. Here the Marines come ashore at Wol Mi Do.

The initial actions around this feature work out fairly close to historical events. This is the battalion support company getting in position to cover the advance across the causeway towards the Nippon Flour Company, whilst another rifle company engages in mopping actions in the background.

Crossing the causeway with the Pershings' bringing up the rear, these caused great negatives to the morale of the already unreliable NKPA platoons defending this area.

This shows the only survivors from the island garrison trying to make cover, with the Marines in hot pursuit. Air support turned up to strafe the unfortunates this turn however, and the Marines missed out.

Upon seeing the island defenders eliminated and Marines and tanks take the causeway, part of the flour company garrison promptly failed morale and fled their positions, the center of the NKPA line never really recovered from this, and the US troops secured excellent field position for the drive inland.

This shows some of the support elements coming ashore at Red Beach, mostly HQ units and engineers.

More Marines coming ashore on Red Beach.

Resistance around the mill was pretty much over by this stage and several marine platoons were well on their way to taking Observatory Hill, which was directly behind it.

This is what's left the the NKPA HQ which was blasted off their hill positions by naval and air bombardment.

And this is the hole in the center that they left in their haste to retreat, leaving only a 50mm mortar and a couple of SMG platoons holding the heights.

NKPA T34/85s finally make an appearance, however they were quickly spotted by the omni-present American air support.

Extreme left of Red Beach, this shows the NKPA survivors of Cemetery Hill. This unit actually held out for long enough for the brewery defenders to get better organised.

This shows the brewery defence HQ holding off the Marines who had flanked the Cemetery Hill position. Despite intense mortar and mountain artillery fire onto them they gained the brewery perimeter without too much damage.

The NKPA enjoyed a bit of success as the forward Marine companies moved onto Observatory hill, their support platoons were caught in a combined mortar and artillery barrage.

Things were moving along pretty much as they did historically by this stage, with US air support making it very difficult for any NKPA reserve units to make it near the front unmolested.

Russian advisor units did a bit to bolster the morale of the North Koreans for a while, but eventually they were forced to give ground as well. The NKPA was desperate for fresh units in the forward areas as most were at 50% strength or less by now.

Here is one of the reserve companies that never made it to the front because they ran headlong into the point units of the Blue Beach assault.

More from the Blue Beach assault. Marines fighting it out around the freight station.

Finally, an untouched NKPA company makes it near the crucial center to the rear of Observatory Hill still holding out, but only just.

The last of the North's reserves attempt to reach the front. The whole thing is going well so far, will post a few more of the final showdown for tomorrow.


  1. Dougie Mac would be proud, well done!

  2. War fest!

    Good to see it all come together
    Nice to see all those plastic 'friends' I saw born get used :)

    Well done
    Some classic gaming shots

  3. Thanks lads, stay tuned for the next installment of Douglas drives to Peking.