Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Russell Collection

My good friend David Russell came to visit over the holiday weekend and brought a few models of his along with him. In addition to Inchon we played a small Eastern Front game which I will post the write up for later, but in the interim here are a few pictures from the Russell Collection.

HaT T34/85s, with a couple of platoons from my Guards Regiment; Dave's' still painting his, I think tread-heads always leave their figures until last!

Italeri's IS2s. Quick build kits that look quite good when painted. These are also very reasonably priced by modern standards, however, unless you're gaming 1/1 how many IS2s' does one need?

Another Hat winner from the later war tank destroyer formations, this one an IS122 I think - not really that up with late war armour from any nation.

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