Monday, October 19, 2009

Latest Arrivals

Joy! The postman can bring such light to an otherwise dark day at the coalface of children's education; I must think about re-enlisting at least twice a week. Anyway, here are the latest additions. The only other plane I need now, before making helicopter additions, is a Meteor. The Korean War expansion of my collection is going well.

This will become the standard air support model for my Japanese forces, never heard of UPC but the kit looks alright. Both aircraft came with pilot figures, which should be a mandatory inclusion in all such models, I would suggest.


  1. I see these old kits, especially of the ones I didn't have as a kid (and whose to say I still arn't) and get jealous - in a nice way

    Happy modelling :)

  2. Nice selection of kits there mate. The Ki-44 will be a great addition to your Japanese.

  3. Thanks boys, it's funny beacuse I said I stop buying aircraft after I bought the Defiant... must ... keep ... collecting...

  4. Nothing wrong with aircraft collecting mate! Just part of the rush!!!!