Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inchon The Landings 2

The last seven turns from Inchon. Here is the last wave of the assault forces crossing their start line. Most of the fighting was a fair way inland by this time, so most of these units were engaged only in some minor mopping-up actions (beer bottle is for scale purposes).

Here the Asai Brewery garrison is outflanked on two sides and still fighting to their front. I would have liked to withdrawn this unit to a new line but the RHQ positions were just behind them and couldn't move because of poor morale, so they were ordered to fight till the last.

This shows the right of the brewery position and the main road leading through Inchon towards Seoul. The company making the attack here should have performed quite good as they were reasonably well supported, and had the numbers. However, the North deluged the area in shell fire, and the NKPA Air force made one of its two successful strafing runs as well.

Here is the result, which the North didn't see enough of. Several Marine platoons suffered casualties, and one under strength company surrendered outright.

This is just past the freight station where one of the T34/85 platoons ran into the Pershings, NKPA resistance actually wasn't too bad around this area until this happened.

This is the extreme rear of the massive Observatory Hill position. Here one of my last two intact companies held off repeated Marine assaults for several turns.

The NKPAs only anti-tank gun fires at extreme range in support of the Soviet volunteers on the left.

And were rewarded with the destruction of the quad 50. It didn't really make much difference at this stage however, Marines were sweeping through large holes in the Communist lines in company strength and greater.

Not historically correct this one, but I was taking whatever I could get by this stage. The last T34/85 platoon gets off a couple of rounds into the side of a Pershing, whilst battered and broken NKPA infantry flee towards their rally point in the foreground; they arrived just in time to be overrun by Marines detached from the Blue Beach area.

The Pershing cooked but it made no difference, the last decent NKPA defensive position now came under a battalion strength assault, supported by the surviving tank platoon and some Amtraks.

Desperate for more time, several out numbered and out gunned NKPA platoons are thrown back into the line by their commissars.

Although this unit was largely intact the complete destruction of the rest of their battalion, in sight of them, was too much and could not be rallied in time to affect any change on the outcome of the heavy fighting still going on in their area.

The last of the brewery defenders tried to regroup near its RHQ, but this whole area was overwhelmed by fresh Marine units before it could recover its broken morale.

This is the end of the NKPA Air force. It managed two ground attacks before being shot down, and did nothing at all to affect the overall outcome of the battle, unlike the Marine air support which featured well, where ever it went.

The final defense in the main Inchon railway station, which was supposed to be a rally point.

ROK Marines complete the last assault on the summit of Observatory hill, where a couple of NKPA platoons held out to the bitter end. The game was well and truly over by this stage, and we were pretty much just rolling dice and drinking beer.

This is the platoon of the game, it held out against attack from turn eight until turn nineteen, surrounded and unable to receive orders from about turn ten - exemplary behaviour, medals all round.

Some aspects of the game went according to history, some not. In the end the Marines won by 35 victory points to 21, and although they took far greater casualties than the real thing it was an interesting and different actions to research and re-fight.


  1. Hi - I've only just come across your blog and have enjoyed your Inchon posts in particular. It looks like it was a fun game - what rules do you use? Nice looking terrain and figures too (although I don't believe that the beer bottle was put there only for the purposes of scale!).


  2. Hey, welcome. You're right about the bottle, actually I had to move a few. The rules, CD3 with a few tweaks for more of a Korean flavour.