Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Demo Game Progress

The first two are the right and left hand sides of the map. I have had to substantially rework the original format for this game as accurate maps of the initial assault have proven elusive. What we have here is the 'Battle Zone' which was the second line of defence and ended, in this sector at least, at the village of Moy. This part of the line has benefited from a lot more research from scholars, possibly because this is where some British units stood firm and offered great resistance.

This zone consisted of two lines of reasonably well prepared defensive works of about 4000 yards in depth, and included a redoubt and a pair of hills.

This one is overlooking the redoubt in front of Moy, and it is here that the British were attacked by some German tanks; as they were in other parts of the line as well.

Lastly, a picture of the assembled forces, thus far. It works out at roughly a slightly understrength German infantry division plus gas, tanks and aircraft versus a slightly over strength British infantry regiment, with a little artillery support - couldn't be without the premier arm now could we? I am so far behind on this project it is not even funny, and am down to just two nights to go. Next post will likely be of the day itself.


  1. Stop ya worrying, it looks all good to me!

  2. Thanks mate, first time I've ever demoed anything other than a firearm lol.

  3. Likewise I think you have ab excellent demo game there, good luck with the finishing touches :)

  4. Thanks for the support boys, guess I'm just used to having things just so.