Thursday, May 5, 2011

7.5cm Pak

This is the Pak that comes with the Fujimi PzJI

A very tidy little model this, it went together really well and like all the other parts in the kit had no flash and was well crafted engineering wise

I have two others of this model, both by Revell, but theses are camouflaged. I did this to add to my early war collection even though they were relatively few in number at that stage (over 20,000 were eventually produced).


  1. 20.000? That's a lot!
    You surely learned your lesson Al!:-)
    Great work there mate!
    Nice addition for your early war army!

  2. Thanks lads, simple kit to make and paint

  3. Agreed, very nice work mate.

  4. By early war do you mean 1942? I don't know when they first entered service

    Desperately needed in Russia 1941 but they had to make do with the poorer (long)50mm against the T34 and KV1

    Nice kit :)

  5. Yes, quite right Geordie, early war Russia I shoild have said, only have one 50L60

  6. Very nice look !!! A great work !!!