Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Right, my round on this, we'll see how we go.

1. Thanks to Tim for the nomination: http://megablitzandmore.blogspot.com/

2. Seven things about me:

a. 41 yrs old, 18 of them spent soldiering

b. Married to Tracy

c. One daughter, Ashley, at university studying forensic anthropology (Still not sure how we managed to produce someone so brainy)

d. Smoker - we're a dying breed - though great for creating smoke effects in camera shots eh Carlo?

e. Owner of a Rottweiler and a Great Dane

f. Opening batsman with an average of a shade over 55

g. Veteran of over 1000 days on active service

Nominating Paul for his most excellent and inspiring Blog: http://plasticwarriors.blogspot.com/

and in no particular order a couple of others, Thanos: http://miniaturesterrainpage.blogspot.com/ Mork: http://mork6969.blogspot.com/ Yori: http://yori-hobby.blogspot.com/

Hope I got it all right, signing off with a picture of my dog Steiner when he was a puppy... for no particular reason. Cheers


  1. Thank you Al!!!
    It's very important for me to have people (around the globe at least), with who I can share my 'angst' for life!
    Great blog mate (I always feel good when reading your blog)!

  2. Well earned and while you were writing this I nominated you again ;)


  3. I know I'm a bit late with this but I'm nominating you as well!


  4. Never too late, thanks Ian, long time no hear