Monday, May 9, 2011

Cold War Soviets

Completed Soviet elements for my small but growing Cold War collection

Esci launcher and Orion spotter. This weapon actually dates from the late 1960s so I'm not sure how much game time this stand will see

The launcher will most usually represent a RPG2 or something of that generation

Second rifle company. Command stand, standard Esci officer and a modified Orion figure

Rifle platoon

Second rifle platoon.

Weapons platoon, formerly Esci tommy-gunners waving their hands in the air

Full company. I have a MMG platoon to add too, but it was an after thought and so not finished. Now, back to the helicopter building.


  1. Classly looking brace of reds. The ESCI heads are dead give aways.

    Great work mate.

  2. Nicely posed photo of the SAM-7 and the Heli - did they hit it?

  3. Some great conversions sir!

    Cheers Rich.

  4. Thanks lads great comments, Tim the heli made a safe landing:)