Sunday, May 22, 2011

ZIS Trucks

Had to show you all these. A present from the ever-productive Gerard Davey of Hokitika, and the only such models now in my collection

Over one million of these were built up to about the early 1950s. Just awesome. I'm thinking if G got enough interest worldwide he could just about give up his day job:) Thanks Gerard. Now, it's back to the last of the helicopters...


  1. Very nice and just the thing to port your Reds about the battlefield....Hell you can use these
    beasties right up to the 1970s in any number of back water conflicts.

  2. Yes these are awesome, Airfix 88mm gun wheels by the look of it.

    Well done Gerard!

  3. Thanks boys. You're right Don, hadn't thought of the places outside of Russia where these would have seen service. G's a real talent, no two ways about it.

  4. Great little trucks. Very unusual.

  5. Great looking trucks, could see these bumping around Africa some where.

    Cheers Rich.