Saturday, May 7, 2011

Heli 1 of 3

First ever helicopter model complete. This is one in a flight of three that I will eventually have, and plan to use pilots and a crew chief on the last to distinguish it as the command unit.

As mentioned earlier this particular example dates from the 1960s. However, for gaming it will fill for 1950s-1980s. Left of quite a few parts that I thought would give a too modern appearance

I've got a reasonable selection of decals to choose from but will just use numbers and letters because I want to them to have a sort of multi-national look. These ones are off an old bomber or something like that. I see storage being a problem with these things!


  1. I'm in love with this S58, Nice choice of colours gives it the generic look you are looking for.

    I suppose we will have to look at a Katanga/Congo game later on.

    Well done, A a4 file box should fit them all in chum.

  2. Hang on...Is it Chopper month?

  3. mmm, Congo'd be interesting. Will get some storage boxes from work just for the helis, chopper month... noooooo!

  4. Looking good Al - is it really the first heli you've built?

    Hmm, Chopper month......