Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heli 2 of 3

Still a way to go on this one before it's complete but here are a few pictures anyway

I made this one the command unit, same in every respect except for the addition of crew figures

The decals didn't quite go to plan

The crew chief is a converted pilot figure from the Esci set. The MG in the doorway come with the kit but there is nothing to mount it with, I used an old swing-mount from a half-track or something like that

Same paint work as the other but has yet to be dry-brushed and inked. Just one more to finish for my first and probably only helicopter unit


  1. Nice work so far, decals are my achilles heel.

  2. I can see these in action soon. Nice work. The crew chief looks perfect and you haave always had a love hate relationship with decals eh?

    One to go mate.

  3. Looks OK to me...

  4. Thanks boys, yeah something different to make, despite the difficulties with the cosmetics:)