Sunday, August 21, 2011

Airfix Meteor

A very tidy kitset for it's age, zero flash and well engineered

Everything was undercoated on the sprue. I didn't have any of the box colours, so had to settle for as close as I could get with what I had

Even detailed the pilot on sprue, which was a first for me

The yellow wing flashes will get another going over as I'm going to buy some brighter colours for the odd time like this

As with most of my aircraft, modelled undercarriage down

Pilot detail

Should get a good run out of this, from about mid 44 through into the 1960s

A couple of the decals came from another kit as the original ones had faded in places

The support crew; this is about all they did the entire weekend


  1. Well done mate. Your aircraft skills are coming along rapidly.

    The colours look spot on, and the pilot detail is great.

    Good skills.

    The support crew eh, Steiner looks all done in by the excitement.

  2. Very good mate!The pilot looks spot on, and I wouldn't mess with the support crew either.

    Cheers Rich.

  3. Can I get your well-rested dogs to scare away the cats whom frequent my front yard?

  4. Cheers boys, yeah we all had a good weekend to ourselves. EF, if I move across the ditch, sure; we don't have much trouble with cats, actually can't remember the last time I saw one that wasn't ours:)

  5. Bro! Sweet ride! Always had me a soft spot for the Meteor (the RNZAF did have one, after all. Wonder what happened to it...)

    Nice work mate,


    By the way, your Rottie's got the funniest smile!

  6. Very nice job. This is one of the many Airfix kits I've never built...

  7. Thanks guys, would like to have seen the RNZAF one, I think we had Vampires too at some stage? Yeah mate, Rottis always happy, big boys usually asleep:)

  8. Rock and Roll you early cold-war hot projects are certainly getting some umph to them :)

    I want one too

    I think your support crew would give our new cat something to think about apart from the food tray!