Thursday, August 25, 2011


This kit, though a welcome addition, had some serious flaws. Several parts would not line up no matter how hard I tried, and a couple of parts were so badly warped as to be unusable, notably the smoke launchers

Still. it will do for gaming and I now have two of them. I modelled this one unbuttoned as I may convert it to a command vehicle if I can find a suitable crew figure

The under-strength company


  1. A nice pair. My T55's are trembling in their tracks!

    I have a figure for you mate.

  2. Thanks mate, will catch up as soon as I can

  3. Nice to see some 'proper' tanks! In fairness to the kit, it is getting on a bit - first released by Airfix in 1971!

  4. Very nice. I'm thinking about some BAOR forcer for myself, and I'm looking for easy to get and cheap models.


  5. An Airfix classic made at the height of the cold war too

    I have one undercoated ready for when I am brave enough to attempt the "urban" camo scheme

  6. True boys it is a classic but I can't help but wonder if the moulds have been a bit over-used, as I've now done a couple of re-issued kits that have exhibited similar flaws