Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Recently, more or less, completed. PSC, not as nice as the PzIVs but certainly quite good all the same

First option, T34/41. Each vehicle got a slightly different paint job to the others

Option two, T34/85. The gun is perhaps a little bigger than I expected

Great wargames models, simple and quick to assemble, and very robust

This one got a medium black wash

I used the lighter of the two Vellejo Russian Greens for these ones but don't think I'll use it much on vehicles again, maybe infantry though

Decals from the spares bag. Including my old Airfix ones I now have almost half a battalion of T34s.


  1. Great work Al....
    Perhaps I should buy them....

  2. True comments. I think the 85mm barrels lack the taper in the length.

    Nice painting mate.

  3. You can never have too many.... Those 85mm barrels do look a bit chunky though.

  4. Nice paintjob. But I don´t like the barrels and the MG. Seems to big. The Tank itself and the turret looks o.k. to me.

  5. Thanks boys, the gun looks about 100mm but I'm not at all bothered

  6. These look great. That 85mm gun looks scaaa-ry.

  7. Very nice look !!! Compliments my friend
    For Russian vehicle I use Zvezda green russian tank