Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Davey Collection 4

Only a couple of things on the go just now, but as usual nothing fully complete. So for your enjoyment a few guns from the talents of Gerard Davey

I think these are based for the rules Rapid Fire, though three crew figures on a gun is fine for CD also

Crew figures are SHQ?

Airfix classic

Nice to see the limber modelled with its field piece

Think this one is scratch built

The mad modeller's work station


  1. Good stuff Al. The scratchbuilt gun looks to me like a Schneider 155mm. The work station is way too tidy.

  2. Lots of nice stuff in there. I like the table, seems familiar...

  3. Nice work, the modelling station is quite similar to mine.

  4. Looking good mate.Glad to see another "tidy" work bench.

    Cheers Rich.

  5. Nice work...and funny how much your work table looks like mine!

  6. Thanks boys, guess Gerard's work station could be considered 'typical' eh?