Sunday, August 14, 2011

Later war Panzers

These are very good wargaming kits. They are well engineered, have only 24 parts, and you get a couple of different options

The completion of these gives me two companies of PzIVs in my collection now; one early-mid, the other mid-late

Decals from the spares collection

The company command platoon got one of my last two Preiser figures as the ones that come with the kits are, to my mind, a little chunky

Took a while to finish them owing to a fairly heavy work load at present.... and because we started playing the Tomb Raider series on our PS1 all over again... :)

Reasonable uniformity, I'm happy with them. These are excellent kits and great value for money.


  1. Very nicely done. Are these from the Plastic Soldier Company kits you posted earlier?

  2. Other blogs have made the same comment, that the commander figures are, shall we say, very well fed...even members of my wargaming club have said that, but they still use them as they like the poses they are in, which are strangely uncommon!
    You've done well with these, I have to resist buying them...

  3. They came out top notch. Good job.

  4. Looking great, the tank and the commander really suit. Rough up those side skirts a tad for a used look.

    Very good buy mate.

  5. Thank you boys. Yes, Plastic Soldier ones, should have mentioned that. Cheers Paul, actually was wondering if they needed a bit more attention

  6. Nice Work
    Great addition to your collection

    I checked out my favourite Edinburgh modelling store at the weekend and was hoping to catch these on the shelves, but sadly these birds had already flown.

    Instead I turned to a bit of WW2 1/144 air power

  7. Nice job Al. Useful to have a few Pz4s around.