Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2nd Battalion ROK

More or less finished the second battalion of my ROK regiment for 1950, though they still need tidying up.

Figures from a number of manufacturers are represented, and I think the overall look of the unit suits the state of the South Korean forces at this time.

This is the first battalion, it and the others will need weapons and mortar platoons added to match these improvements as the war progressed, but for 1950 all support weapons are grouped at the regimental level.

Here is the second battalion.

Third battalion. My figure selection choices were getting a bit low at this stage, which wasn't helped by the wholesale destruction of three or four stands (actual number unknown) by our puppies, who staged their own little offensive on these guys a couple of nights ago.

This was all that was left, oh and a couple of legs and mangled heads.

Here are the defaulters, who maintained dumb insolence when charged with conduct prejudice to the good discipline of the household. Fortunately for them this place has a few barrack lawyers on hand to argue their case; ah puppies.


  1. At times like these never say: "it's me [and my wargame collection by implication]" or "the puppies [as they turn on the puppy-dog eyes]"

    Just take the hit ;)

  2. Well said mate, sounds as though you've been down this track yourself!

  3. Luckily my 2 hounds haven't shown any interest in the paint table...yet...