Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inchon Map: Demo One

This is my first attempt at a map for our Inchon game, planned for the holidays. Seems this is going to be a difficult one to get right. The first picture shows the right flank of Red Beach, looking over the causeway from Wol Mi Do island. The factory building represents the Nippon Flour Company, and the industrial area starts here and covers most of the left hand side of the map. The crude wooden blocks will eventually be painted and represent the sea wall.

Left flank of Red Beach showing the Asai Brewery and the fortified Cemetery Hill in front of it, this feature had to be taken quickly on the day as it overlooked a large part of the beach.

Another shot of the flour mill, looking towards Green Beach at Wol Mi Do.

This is the British Consulate, hemmed in by a good sized cliff face and the railway line leading to the sea wall.
This is the port's railway station, about 1000 yards from the beach, or 20 inches in our scale.

And here is the station that serves the city.

Part of the housing district. It is quite out of scale and will need substantial reworking in future attempts.

Just a bigger shot of downtown Inchon, Observatory Hill in the middle right is in about the right position, but the housing in the first block needs to be closer to it, and we'll need to put in some more dirt roads. When doing historical scenarios I always try to match the terrain as close as possible to the actual area. Researching the various OOBs is also a bit of fun too.


  1. Looks really good. The flour-mill is superb. Is it a railway kit or scratcht-built ?


  2. Thanks John, the mill is a railway model and quite cheap, I think it is by 'Life Like'. Highly recommended.