Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inchon Map Demo 3

Same stuff as before, so this is just a bit of an update. All of the ground scale has been done now, and there were surprisingly few adjustments required. A couple of the major hill features needed moving by a few inches and likewise with the main railway station. The NKPA figures that you can see here and there have been used to test march times to their relevant areas of reinforcement at various times during the game.

I got these T34s online, good job there was two of them because that is just how many we need. I'm not really into late-war stuff, but have the basics. In game terms they will represent two understrength tank platoons operating independently of each other, and the only armour the NKPA get for this action.

Last one is the only wheeled transport the NKPA get. I think I got this overseas, a Russian kit of some sort. There is only minor detailing left to do on the map, but that will have to wait until game day. I have to pull my trench boards out next to see if they are going to fit in with some Great War ideas that I'm playing around with, so the next pictures from Inchon that I post should be of the game; in the meantime I have to source a Pershing tank and Corsair aircraft, as well as numerous landing craft and other vessels.


  1. Hi Al,

    I have a couple of M47's that might do as a M26 alternate.

  2. Good luck with the game.
    I am impressed with all the preparation you have put in to date.

    Testing the travel march on the actual playing table tell me you are a capable old hand :)

  3. Paul,

    thanks mate, will definitely take you up on that offer, and of your fleet lease LCTs, etc. Be in touch soon.


  4. Geordie,

    yes ex RM so you'd bloody well think so! Still, for historical stuff you want to make sure, places everyone, places.

    All the best