Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trench Layout

Am in the process of putting together a layout for a demo game in a couple of weeks time, and here is the more or less final result. Nothing very exiting to see yet.

Still have to add a number of scenic items and finalise the orders of battle, but the layout is the important part to start with.

Looking south-west towards the Crozat Canal, actually the
dog's bed

This is where the village of Moy, or what is left of it, will be. I now need to make a substantial number of sandbags and do some serious tidying up on the modules. Will try to get a few pictures up of the day itself, as I think there will be some good stuff from other contributors.


  1. Nice work, I get a sense of where the trench-lines are and presumably where the heaviest fighting will be.

    For me I am more used to Canvas Eagles WWI air combat over such terrain.

  2. Quite right mate, the frontage works out at a shade over 4000yds - six battalions in the assault, three in the reserve. Canvas Eagles sounds interesting, what scale is it for?