Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Work in Progress

The pictures show the ROK regiment's entire support section. It took a while for units to start receiving support weapons at the company and battalion level, and for most of 1950 regiments sported weapons companies.

Here is an MMG and an HMG platoon; roughly equal to sixty men they were expected to supply close fire support for between 2-3000 men. This seriously hampered offensive operations.

This one shows the dedicated anti-tank unit of the regiment, again only two platoons.

Lastly, the command and mortar platoons. Still not quite finished, but getting there. Once I have finished the OOB for 1950 I will start building some more support units, which will be added in actions of later years. Gradually the ROK became better equipped and trained, so eventually the rifle companies will have the same sort of fire-power that to start with was only available at the battalion level, or higher.


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  2. Thanks,

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