Sunday, September 6, 2009

Korean War Stuff

Here are the latest two companies of ROK infantry, from the first finished battalion of three. They include figures from a few different manufacturers, including a couple of hard plastics, and I am quite happy with the overall look of the unit. Will probably spend some time this week messing around with board layouts from my maps. We have decided to include the landings at Inchon on our holiday gaming list for this year, and the more accurate the board as compared with actual maps, usually the better game one gets.

Mig15, a gift from my daughter, and a damn good choice too. It won't feature in the Inchon game, but certainly in others from the Korean War. The pilot needed painting and the whole airframe got a dry-brush followed by a light inking; didn't come up too bad. Now I need a Meteor and or a Sabre to match up against it.


  1. Nice Stuff! Korean War is not a common place in wargames. I´d like to assemble something like this someday. Looking forward to see more pics, Good luck!


  2. Thanks Ivan, there are some good figures available for this conflict, and there's always conversions to help fill the gaps.

    best wishes