Sunday, September 13, 2009

Inchon Demo Map 2

The tape measures show the boat lanes and initial objectives for the assault battalions. Wol Mi Do will be garrisoned by a company with the rest of its battalion deployed in depth, and its HQ in the Asai Brewery, which is just behind Cemetery Hill in the lower right.

Downtown Inchon has been reworked, the industrial zone starts from the bottom of the picture.

The British Consulate area of the waterfront was a bit more up-market than other parts of Inchon, so I moved buildings around to better represent this. The road crossing the railway line in the center left leads to the tidal basin, where a fourth battalion of marines come ashore on about turn 8.

Last one shows the forward slopes of Observatory Hill and its emplacements. There are still numerous details to be worked out, but I have the basic ground scale and major features pretty much right. The next thing to do is mess around with the landing times and approximate troop positions.


  1. Impressive in the amount of terrain work you've put. Looking real good!

    I hope you get a good game out of it.
    Am I right in thinking you are using Command Decision for this game?

  2. Thanks Geordie, yes CD3. It doesn't usually do large BUAs very well, but the nature of Inchon combined with the relatively small forces involved makes it a lot easier. We also use a 5' LOS in big BUAs, quite a practical house-rule we think.