Sunday, September 20, 2009

WW1 Stuff

Still plodding away with the rest of my South Koreans at present, so not much else to show. Am playing around with some ideas for a Great War demo, and here are a couple of the contenders: either something from March 1918 involving gas, guns and stormtroopers, or perhaps a representation of the first tank verses tank engagement; still not sure yet, more research is required. Anyway, here are some pictures of a few of the allied troops likely to be involved, in this instance Canadians.

Quite a good set this, although the plastic leaves a bit to be desired.

Last couple are of German aircraft which will be used in a ground support role, whatever I eventually come up with.

With the workings of Inchon still on the table in my shed, I may have to stage a small takeover of the lounge to work out my trench layout for this demo. This is not going to please her indoors, but sacrifices must be made to ensure accuracy, anyway, we'll see. If I get some time this week I'll take a couple of pictures for you.


  1. nice Airfix Roland, one of the more interesting planes from WW1. Loads of stuff on first tank v tank engagement & march 1918, |I'm trying to find more information on the action at Welch Ridge in late Dec 1917 after Cambrai so can eventually game the action my grandfather was in

  2. Thanks Fraxinus, agree with you on the Roland and have plans to get another. You're quite right about the tank action, I'm just not sure my rules will accurately represent it, at this stage. Good luck with the research on your family, I've actually done one of those myself, Messines.

    best wishes


  3. By jingo's mate, your WW1 stuff is coming along nicely, and I cannot wait to see it in action in October.

    Well done on reaching 80 posts, I think its your shout on your 100 mark!

    Keep up the good fight, remember School Holidays in 5 days.


  4. Out of interest:

    What scale of engagement (the tank game seems 1:1 the other 1918 stuff skirmish or potentially larger battalion upwards)?

    Likewise which rule sets were you considering using?

  5. Thanks Paul, I'm looking forward to the holidays as well, bring back the cane! If I get a into g the demo should go alright, provided there is another player; watching a solo game might almost be as boring as playing one. Thanks for your inspiration and support, okay my shout at 100.

  6. Geordie, I use a modified version of CD Over the Top, which usually works out at one model representing three or four, although for WW1, vehicle wise, it is more like two. OTT works really well for the big battalion stuff so characteristic of the Great War, I suppose the average sized engagement we'd do would be at about the brigade level, although divisional stuff is popular too.