Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The 5307th Composite Group

A couple of pictures of another unit slated for a revamp. Historically it was a mixed infantry brigade which combined troops from several different nations into one quite unusually equipped force.

This unit saw extensive action from around mid 1943 and was apparently fairly successful in behind the lines type action. It relied solely on pack animals for its transport, and its weapons were a right mixture of whatever was available.

As I am planning to do a bit more far-east stuff next year they should see plenty of service. Am also playing around with the idea of some more Indian troops and also some Dutch figures in tropical kit, will post any actual results further down the track.


  1. Hi - they look great! I'm not very well up on plastics but one or two of those look a bit Airfix like. What make are they?


  2. Nice work again, Al - you are keeping me inspired, mate!

    All the best,


  3. Thanks Monty, happy to hear that.

    Stryker, the first one shows Matchbox figures + head-swap, next is Airfix and Matchbox, and the last one, well I'm not sure to be honest, possibly Airfix.

    All the best lads