Friday, November 20, 2009

HaT Romanians

Here are some pictures of the most versatile HaT Romanians. With head-swaps these figures will stand in quite nicely for just about anything, and it is a big-box set which include light and medium machineguns, mortars and plenty of officer figures.

The MMG is a little unusual but an essential addition, nonetheless.

This pictures shows a couple of command platoons. These figures are part of my small Dutch collection and are used as Dutch Marines. Don't know if the uniform colours are accurate but don't really care either, I painted them like this because I wanted them to stand out a bit; which is totally un-marine-like, but that's okay because they're not RM. I'm considering another attempt at some KNIL using these figures but replacing their helmets with slouch hats, yet another project on the go.

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