Sunday, November 8, 2009

Motorised Infantry

These figures represent my SS Motorised Infantry Regiment. Their uniforms date from the mid-war period, but I use them for any time. I have something like fifteen different German units ranging from battalion to brigade strength.

These are mostly Pegasus figures which need a couple of fiddly-bits and a base added to complete the figure.

The HQ stand is a Revell gunner. I like the little inclusion of slings on most of the figure's weapons in this set, and one or two have a grenade tucked into their boot, which has been done before, but is a nice addition nonetheless.

MMG stand made from bits scrounged from my spares box.

Mortar and crew are from HaT. I have just enough trucks to transport one battalion but need to get a few more. I was looking at the two-truck Pegasus ones to start with but, purchase wise, soft skins always seem to come second to AFVs which in turn come second to figures, so the second SS battalion may be walking into action for some time yet.


  1. Good work

    I'm on the lookout for more Pegasus Hobbies kits. I have a packet of their 1939 Germans wanting my attention.

    They are definitely 1/76 and are dwarked by teh bigger 1/72 or 20mm+ (like Valiant)

  2. Thanks mate, I've looked at the 1939 set a couple of times myself. I was gutted to find that the Valiant sets would not mix well with others, superb as they are. I'd recommend the Pegasus figures to anyone, and am anxiously awaiting the French.