Monday, November 30, 2009

Cardboard Buildings

A few pictures of some of my card buildings. Most of them are very old, although they have stood the test of time rather well, and I wouldn't be surprised if many a gamer had a few of these in their collections.

This is probably the worst of them condition wise. Like all the others it has had its roof made detachable for the placement of infantry units inside.

This is a little big for most purposes but fits in okay if the built-up area is big enough.

This is usually a railway building but has also worked well in other functions. I would recommend these buildings because you often find the style of them fits in well with other stuff, and they are not expensive. I saw a model railway show in Europe a few years ago and the layout buildings were all of this type, and the model maker had converted several of them to very good effect; which I might have a go at myself sometime.


  1. Great to see those buildings! I made the church many years ago as a teenager and last year found that the model was still available in a local model shop. I bought one and made it up for old times sake (there's a post about it on my own blog).

    I love the "Barclays Bank" model - here in the UK that would have been turned into a trendy Wine Bar now!


  2. Thanks mate, will be sure to check out your work. Funny you mention the exbank wine bars as I had noticed they had begun springing up all over the show last time I was there.



  3. I made the Barclays Bank model too when I was a teenageer.. I remember them being extreemly sturdy for a cardbourd building. The card is very dense.. not like the super light and fluffy card you get in cerial packets now days.
    I will typically buy card to make terrain now from an art supply as packaging card now days is extreemly poor quality to allow for recycling.