Monday, November 2, 2009

Panzer IVs

This is my entire PIV collection, one company. I used to have a full battalion of these but never seemed to use them, and now I wish I'd kept the lot.

Two of them are the old Airfix ones which I don't really have any problems with in terms of scale or accuracy but the tracks that they come with certainly leave a bit to be desired.

Last one shows a Revell model, minus some of the fiddly bits. I got this one in Eastern Europe and put it together with false-finger-nail super glue, which was all that could be obtained at the time. Apart from the awkward multi-link track assembly it went together alright, and I might actually look at getting some more next year, as two companies would be better than one.


  1. I can just imagine you sitting in an OP in Bosnia,with members of your troop watching you mucking around with your false finger nail glue...classic mate, classic!

    (Not thats there's anything wrong with it!)

  2. Standard equipment mate! Actually Osijek. When it came time to sending it home the Croatian Postal Service charged me a fortune, and it was damaged when it arrived! Wonder if it was in breach of the arms embargo so they broke it?