Monday, November 16, 2009

Various Germans

No point in showing all different kinds of the same stuff, so here are a few pictures from some of the various German units I have left to show you. First is a mounted-recon-smg platoon which is a member of my Luftwaffe Field Battalion. The figures are a mixture of the usual varieties, but it is their OOB that is quite unusual for this period of the war; my example dates from about 1942 but it actually changed very little as the war progressed, unlike other infantry formations.

These examples are from early war units. Like several others in my collection I have plans to repaint whole formations. I choose these figures for their uniforms which I considered classic early war at the time of painting. I was thinking about mixing some Matchbox with the Pegasus early war set, which according to PSR is also 1/76.

Weapons platoon from one of the Panzergrenadier battalions, this one is from the 42-43 OOB.

Engineer platoon from the late war Panzergrenadier regiment, 44-45.

Lastly, a couple of stands from the already mentioned unit. Most of my German collection was painted and based at an early stage of my interest in this hobby, and I have learnt a lot since then, and so am planning to rebase and repaint large chunks of my collection as a result. A good deal of my inspiration comes from seeing like minded people show their collections also, so thanks.

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    I agree
    It's always nice to see other peoples collections
    It serves as an impetus/inspiration to keep your collection moving