Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Work in progress

Bit of a preview of some bikes I've been working on, still a wee way to go but the basics are all there.

Revell and Airfix bikes with side-cars all from the bits box.

Still some detailing to do with green-stuff here and there. All the OOBs that I've looked at for WW2 Soviet motorcycle units are different so there is considerable scope for variety.

Command platoon. This company will eventually have: three bike stands an armoured car, and two halftrack or jeep platoons + attached SMG platoons.


  1. NICE!!!!! Great work going on here Al.

  2. The Command Decision Russian motorcycle formations have always attracted my attention as a fun (and fairly useful tabletop) formation to build.

    Good Stuff

  3. Al, those are cracking, really great conversions

  4. Hello Al,
    Love the blog, mate - I'm interested in 1/72nd plastic WW2 too and up until now have been jumping around various periods across numerous scales/ rules etc.
    Just got hold of some Revells and will be painting them once I've finished my current Romans and Normans.
    I'll keep an eye on your stuff!
    All the best for now,

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments lads, sure wish you all lived a bit closer; although I'd probably end up divorced! You boys and your Blogs have been a constant source of inspiration to me, with much burgling of ideas from you all.