Monday, November 9, 2009

Light Infantry

Continuing with more from my German collection we have a few examples from the so-called Light Battalion. The unit dates from early 1943 in CD OOBs. First pictures shows a couple of rifle platoons.

More rifle platoons showing some of the figures in Greatcoats. Can't remember the manufacturer but they're a little taller than most, I'm careful which other figures I mix with these ones when I'm trying to get a bit more of variety in the poses.

These are the weapons platoons from each line company, most of the different uniforms mix okay, but sometimes you can't be fussy with what limited options you have to start with, either.

This is the support company, which is really the only thing light about the unit. Less one MMG it still contains the usual support elements of mortar, engineer and machine gun at the battalion level. I think all of the figures are either Pegasus or HaT.


  1. Another nice post mate,one more equals 100!!!

    Well done.

  2. Ah yes, right you are. Guess we should organise getting drunk! Oh, and maybe a game or something?