Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, I've had a crack at this disruptive camouflage pattern and am reasonably happy with the results. Tamiya Olive Drab and Dark Yellow mixed with Citadel Black Wash. All parts were more or less finished on the sprue before assembly.

Am still thinking about a little dry brushing under natural light to show off the edges a bit more.

I have done this one as a command platoon, the turret figure is a soft plastic one, a cut-down radio operator from a British paratrooper set; Esci I think?

It has different markings from the one Paul gave me, but I might now give that one disruptive pattern and new insignia also.

Here are the two of them, really need one more for a full strength company, although they were sometimes mixed with other allied units, such as Cromwells and Shermans. Thanks to Geordie for the paint tutorial, one of the things I like most about Blog is the sharing of ideas, and the trying of new things.


  1. Nice one
    I like them both :)

    The turret commander is a very nice touch :)
    On into the Rhine

  2. Thanks Geordie. These might have to wait a while to see service on the tabletop, however.

  3. Nice. . . I agree with Geordie regarding the turret commander!

    Nice painting also!!

    Send us the new AAR from the Rhineland!!


  4. Very nice work. As I live only 3 km away from the rhine I will see them in a few days in natural ;-)

  5. Nice looking kit, well done on the painting. Also some nice clear looking shots as well.

  6. Cheers lads, thanks for the postitive thoughts